#SLS ~ 10/10/21

Jim tells us, this week the theme is Heavenly Bodies, Planets, Moon, Sun, Stars suggested by King Ben’s Grandma. Oh the places we could go. I immediately thought of Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe. I even broke my own rule of no song over 5 minutes long. My freshman year, we played this song on a loop. Later when I was at SAC and they had a contest to pick intro music for the remodeled Planetarium, my Astronomy class nominated this song. It didn’t win but it’s still a favorite to me.

People of the Earth can you hear me?
Came a voice from the sky on that magical night
And in the colors of a thousand sunsets
They traveled through the world on a silvery light

The people of the Earth stood waiting
Watching as the ships came one by one
Setting fire to the sky as they landed
Carrying to the world Children Of The Sun

All at once came a sound from the inside
Then a beam made of light hit the ground
Everyone felt the sound of their heartbeat
Every Man - Every Woman - Every Child

They passed the limits of imagination
Through the doors - to a world - of another time
On the journey of a thousand lifetimes
With the Children Of The Sun - They started their climb

No more gravity, nothing holding them down
Floating endlessly, as their ship leaves the ground
through the walls of time - at the speed of light
Fly the crystal ships on their celestial flight
On their celestial flight.

Sunday Reflections: A Week in Review

Good morning, beware of the clowns. The feature image is a cookie jar my grandmother once owned passed down to me in 1987. The condition is poor, otherwise I think I might get some true coin for selling it. Antique roadshow here I come. lol

Today would have been my sister-in-law’s 57th birthday. Happy heavenly b-d Barb! We should go to the Riverwalk / Navarro Street bridge for a toast to your memory. But alas it’s a school night and there’s this thing called a pandemic going on. One thing I’m glad you’re to around to see. People are different. Some are the same. But mostly different. Many if not all of us can’t help but be impacted in some way, shape, or form.

Me for example, I’m seriously triggered when I see large crowds of people back at college football games, sitting right on top of each other, not a mask in the place. They say we’ve learned more about the virus and maybe I am just not up-to-date on what is allowed these days. And I’m over the moon happy for anyone who is enjoying their favorite pastime having regained some sense of normalcy. Guess I missed the memo of mask-free is the way to be. Maybe it’s time to start living again? Though I’m doing pretty okay these days. Knock on wood.

Okay on that somewhat sour note of hope for the future, here is last week’s roll call:

Peace y’all. Until next time. Stay safe.

As always, more to come.