#SoCS ~ 10/9/21

Ready set, go … #SoCS drum roll puhleese. Linda gives us the following prompt: Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “lid.” Use it in the literal sense, use it in the metaphorical sense, use it any way you’d like. Have fun! To join in the shenanigans, here are the rules and ping back.

Homework. What’s a metaphor again? Similar to a simile? Perhaps I will go with the literal sense. If someone says literally do they really mean figuratively same as someone who says to be honest as preface to something when they are really a liar, liar pants on fire? Close but no cigar. Hmmm.

Alrighty. Lid. Think, think and think … Oh yeah. Lid. I just flipped mine … maybe not because someone flipping her lid is angry right? I’m the opposite of angry though I do get hangry. When I do, Snickers can fix me right up. Or Ghost Ding Dongs with screaming filling. Limited edition too. I bought some of these delectable halloween treats yesterday because when you have a coupon for $5 off if you spend $70, you buy junk food. And wine! Though the vino is a gift.

Oh well, guess I went the metaphorical route after all. I’ve no more thoughts on what to do with lid except to maybe put a lid on this post. Until next time folks. Hope you have a wonderful week.

As always, more to come.