Thursday Thoughts ~ 10/14/21

My one day a week thinking exercise finds me all over the map. The brain synapses are firing, popping like old fashioned popcorn in hot oil. Ugh! Calgon take me away. Make the thoughts stop.

Overthinking is the bane of my existence. I need to slow my roll and take a pause. And I did just that. Yeah, I know, I surprised myself too. Let’s put a pin in this and come back here later.

I’ve been joking at lot on FB since that’s where my co-workers can see me and I know many can relate. Most recently I wrote about the conundrum that is work email. Specifically I asked Is it appropriate to start an email response with I’m truly, deeply, regrettably sorry … when what you really want to say is “Bite me!” Asking for a friend. LOL

Well back to the pin. I got some results late in the day yesterday that were less than stellar. I’ve been working my John Q hind parts off and didn’t take too kindly to the outcome. I started firing up the email cannon/missile/projectile of your choosing. Then I stopped. Closed shop. Logged off. It was well past 5 pm anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can accept feedback. I spent many years auditing people. I get that the first, knee jerk reaction, is defensive. “Not me” Never me” “The dog ate my homework” Which is why I vowed to never be one of “those” people. I stewed about our rating internally, while reading my newest book, and semi watching TV with the fam. Finally, putting the thoughts out of my mind, I went to sleep and slept like the queen comma drama that I am. Sleep of the just. The righteous I think they call it. I’m kidding folks, in case anyone thinks my situation is anything other than a minor irritation. Since I haven’t used him in a while, the gecko is back. LOL

This morning I lodged my appeal with more questions than accusations. I accept the final score and didn’t try to weasel my way into a high rating. Ultimately this situation is NBD = No Big Deal. Be ready next quarter, my team of two and I will knock their socks off.

As always, more to come.