Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of We Begin At The End by Chris Whitaker

Here is my no spoilers or plot synopsis Goodreads review: Duchess Day Radley, outlaw. Damn straight. This book had everything giving me the feels. The whole gambit of emotions. Loss, loyalty, family, secrets. Highly recommended read.

Are you intrigued enough to check it out? I sure hope so. Then maybe swing back by and let’s discuss. I miss my Skimmers and Sippers Book Club. Damn you Covid.

Since I read the hardback book, here’s a few quotes from my commonplace book:

Thunderheads gathered like mistakes

She had that ability, to feel totally alone on the beach full of people, in a class full of kids.

I go to church but don’t believe in God. He goes to prison but is not a criminal.

I am Dolly by the way, like Parton only without the chest.

But then maybe there aren’t degrees of bad. Maybe it doesn’t matter by how much you cross the line.

The exchange when Duchess meets her beau: Thomas: What’s your name? Duchess: Quiet now, I’m here to learn. Thomas: That’s a funny name.

Tragedy has a way of making saints out of mortals.

Confession does not only happen in church.

I was struck by the relationship between Thomas and Duchess. He was the kind of friend that you’d want for your daughter. Completely smitten and dedicated despite being only 14 years old. Fiercely loyal. As I mentioned above I felt all the feels. I laughed and I cried. I might even want to read this one again some day.

As always more to come.