#1linerWeds. 9/15/21

Lookie here for the rules and ping back. Thanks Linda!! I’m writing this in advance so I won’t match the theme today. This one liner also requires some background. We’re living in Zoomlandia at work. That’s my made up word for the environment. We have Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting. We turn Slack messages into Zoom calls. Constant connection despite the miles. Pretty cool actually since yesterday I got to Zoom into out London office. Next best thing to being there. Well no it isn’t really next best but it’ll do. Actually being there would be a bucket list item come true. Anyway I digress. Moving on …

As I popped into a quick call last week, the other recipient’s camera was on the fritz. I see a fuzzy blank screen but I hear a hold on just a minute. Then in the sweetest Texas drawl, my coworker tells me …

There you go, just takes a jiggle.

That’s it. I’m easily amused. Maybe you had to be there? lol 😂

As always more to come.

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