Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/30/21

Ugh! My mood is dampened by having to deal with health insurance BS. I think there should be laws against medical insurance companies owning pharmacies and/or having relationships with companies that make the drugs. My story is a tale as old as time since I have been harping about this problem for as long as I can remember. I thought I had cracked the code last time around with these yahoos but nooo.

My automated RX came due a week ago Monday with a nice little note of preauthorization required. Problem is that I obtained the pre-auth in June to start my year over again. That note started a series of calls and hoops for my doctor to jump through when in all actuality, she is better served treating patients don’t you think?

The insurance company and I had an off cycle argument that I was pre-auth for a year – 6/21/21 to 6/21/22. They claimed my pre-auth expired 8/19/21. How random and how effing convenient. My claim was you don’t want to pay now that I met my deductible. A racket I tell ya what.

My doctor made the hurdle and sweet V at her office contacted me to say the paperwork was done. I now have pre-auth from 09/29/21 to 09/29/22. V advised me to call CVS since the cost is $225 and the medication isn’t on hand. Before they order it, they want to make sure I’m willing/able to pay. My beef isn’t with V. I thanked her and we ended our call.

I immediately called the insurance company back to find out why, after meeting my deductible, I am paying the same as I paid in June. Of course I received the run around. No reason only apologies that what I was told in June was in error. RX will always have a a co-pay. They still insist on charging me for non formulary all the while refusing to give me a definition of non formulary. I’ve decided that I’ll pay the extra $150. Sure $75 is what is fair and right but I can’t keep fighting city hall, so I raised the white flag.

While the topic is groundhog day, the experience this time was different. Why? Well because I changed. I never once raised my voice. And that was in every call. The multiple back and forth with voice messages and emails. I didn’t get upset with the poor call center rep who is simply doing as told and following scripts. I’m of the mind set, I can be right or I can be happy. Choosing happy! The damn mo-fo’s are right. Zen Jilly can still curse like a sailor in a low calm voice. Somehow that makes the release even more effective. You should try it sometime. Growl motherfucker. Go on. Growl …

As always, more to come.