#SoCS ~ 9/18/21

Linda has been at this longer than I have yet we are in the same boat. How many ways can you open a reoccurring prompt challenge? I even had a ‘standard’ opener for a while … something like Linda writes and I copy paste … Not too original and/or inspired. However if there is anyone knows how to open a reoccurring prompt post in the most unique and clever ways, it’s the one and only, John W Howell.

Alrighty now. Here we begin. Morning fine folks of bloglandia, time once again for #SoCS where the followers of Linda G Hill gather in the virtual city streets, town squares, etc… to participate in the mind expanding stream of consciousness experience. On tap for today, Linda says Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “puzzle.” Use it any way you’d like! Join us for the fun won’t you? HERE are the rules and ping back.

Whew! I’m tired, might just have to go back to bed. But nope, it’s puzzle time as opposed to Hammer time. Get jiggy with it. That’s will Smith, not MC. Go Jill Go!!

What a mixed up ramble this is … I love puzzles of the jigsaw variety. Not puzzles like in games/riddles. Riddles are freaking torture. I tell ya what. Just give me the answer for the love of gawd. Said in my Shirley MacLaine as Aurora Greenway in Terms of Endearment. Afterwards I’ll be all well crap, I should’ve known that answer but no patience Jilly over here, can’t wait.

As for puzzle games, the triangle jump the peg puzzle game at Cracker Barrell is addictive as sin. The goal is to have only one peg left. If not, you might just be a redneck according to the Cracker Barrel folks. Or a dumbass. For those not in the know, Cracker Barrel is an old-timey, down home cooking restaurant. Where the crackers go to congregate. Dayumm, I’m off the chain. Loves me some Sunrise Sampler breakfast. Plus the steam flows where it flows don’t cha know it. I tell ya what!!

No PC police please, I’m talkin’ ’bout my people. My daddy was the peg jumping puzzle champion. I tell ya what! He dropped out of school in 4th grade but he had common sense in exponential amounts. He could cipher and figure things out with the best of ’em. He only ever left one peg on his puzzle board. My Pony is the same way .. well except he didn’t drop out of school. But his puzzle solving abilities are extraordinary, just like my B and PoPo too for that matter. Trees and apples and all that jazz. Awww. Sweet and sentimental.

Finally, I’m winding down and will close with a memory. Every summer growing up, the card table stayed up in the living with a puzzle going (sometimes a Monopoly game but more often a puzzle). At any given time we could put a few pieces in place, then scamper off to ride bikes, only to return later for more puzzle time. Fun times I tell ya. And when our sweet Lulu Belle was going through the worst of it this past November, B took out a puzzle. Together they worked at it to divert the bad juju. She humored him despite a dislike for puzzles in general. The diversion was welcome but time, being with just daddy, meant the world. Not sure what is the medicine here, the puzzle or father/daughter time. Maybe both? Just like my doggies being better than blood pressure meds. The little things are sometimes the most important y’all.

Okay, I’m FIN. Off we go into the wild blue yonder. Time for our belated anniversary hike. Experiencing beauty in our own backyard. Happy Saturday folks!!!!!

As always, more to come.