day trip notes ~ 9/6/21

Howdy fine folks of bloglandia!! Much goodness!! I’m telling ya what. My ears still hurt from the elevation in the hill country. On Saturday, 9/4/21, B and I took a lovely drive up to our place in Rocksprings. At one point, we were 2150 feet above sea level. To compare, our place in town is around 600 feet above sea level. In my youth, when we went to the hill country, which was often, countless camping trips to Lago Vista on Lake Travis, dad would give us gum to chew so we could pop our ears. I forgot about that which means now I’m paying for it. At least I didn’t get sunburned.

B and I enjoyed much needed alone time. This pandemic has us living in a fishbowl of sorts that one doesn’t even realize. We had a lovely date day when you’re too old or tired for date night. Little did we know the city was hosting the annual VFD Fish Fry and goat rodeo. Haha! Yep, you read that right. Goat rodeo. Yee Haw!!

We didn’t stay in town though. Instead we did lots of hiking and talking. Back to basics I would say. And we labored at our place this labor day weekend. I did some landscaping near the cabin and I raked rocks. Uh ya I did. Clearing a path between the cabin and the facilities. Save us from rolling an ankle on the rocks. I even got two blisters on my thumbs from the rake but it’s a good pain. Like the earache. Which will be over soon enough.

B had to patch some pinhole leaks in the water line. Ironic since the #SoCS prompt was pin. The cistern might also have a leak but I told B that was good, it won’t explode while we’re away. Instead the well water will slowly seep. But I know nothing of these things, I just make stuff up. LOL.

That’s how ya do it. Nothing fancy, free fun. Time together. Picnic lunch. 332 miles of mandatory Metallica. Waiting for the Black list to drop. Priceless.

Before Saturday, the world was getting me down. Hope not any of you too but if you’re also feeling bluesy, I get it. Life is heavy. Pandemic, hurricanes, flooding, ending a war, women’s rights, and more. This trip was just what we needed. I’ll carry the memory for a bit and refer back often or as needed.

As always, more to come.

As always, more to come.