Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Institute by Stephen King ~ 7/23/21

Another hardback book from the library. I love my extra special every 3rd Saturday treat. I get the same sense of calm walking into a library that I get walking into church. Different sensations resulting in the same outcome which is ohm, ohm, ohm.

My Goodreads review was short and sweet with zero spoilers … A horror filled adventure. Made me root for the kids to prevail. End left open to a sequel. Yes please.

I got three short quotes for my commonplace book:

He was touched and surprised – not for the first time – by the ordinary kindness and generosity of ordinary folks, especially those without much to spare.

Great events turn on small hinges.

He prayed for the highly hypothetical higher power to bless the man who had called him outlaw and thrown that brown bag into the boxcar.

The Institute by Stephen King

Definitely a recommended read.

As always, more to come.