Tidbits ~ 7/16/21

That nest is pretty peaceful right?

Ohm Ohm Ohm

Channeling my inner Zen

I had a wellness check this morning for healthy points. I’ve written about that before. I’m at 2650 points on the road to 3000. The phlebotomist had trouble with me again. After she was done she exclaims “all I can say is thank you Jesus, that was a tough one”

Ugh! Tough for who? Actually she did a good job. It only hurt a little and she was fast about it. Now I’m waiting for my email to confirm I was there so I can upload whatever the heck it is to get my points. If I get all 500, I will have reached my goal. Yeah buddy.

Moving on. Does every email deserve a response when all you really want to write back is you are a clueless mofo? LOL. Asking for a friend.

Happy FriYay!!!

As always, more to come.

Friday Book Club: The Vanishing Half by by Brit Bennett ~ 7/16/21

Here is my Goodreads review:

Realistic story spanning the decades. Who are we supposed to be? In pretending or following expectations of others, do we lose ourselves? Does being your true self, bring loneliness? How far would you go to hide your identity?

These are questions I asked as I read this story. Very thought provoking. Definitely a recommended read.

Since it was a hardback, not my Kindle, I have no highlights. Don’t think the SA Public Library would appreciate me marking up their things. I have a common place book but I didn’t write down anything. I was sure I had but oh well. Next time, I’ll take better notes.

As always, more to come.