#SoCS for 10/27/18 ~ Bone

One the best things about Saturday is not setting an alarm.  Waking up to the natural sounds around me like the house creaking as opposed to an incessant beep-beep-beep is heavenly.  I slept in for the first time in ages.  This is the first day in about a month that I didn’t wake up feeling nauseous with aching bones.

Another one of the best things about Saturday is #SoCS.  Why yes! there can be more than one best.  Ha!  In my kingdom, most everything is BEST!

Speaking of best, it is time once again for #SoCS.  The lovely Linda gave us the prompt bone to use any way we want.  Decisions, decisions!

Bone!  Think, think, and think.

Got it!  Of course I do!  George Thorogood and the  Destroyer’s 1982 classic “Bad to the Bone” pops into the old noggin. And briefly a thought of the movie “Christine”.



Bad to the bone

Hey I resemble that remark.  Not for my attitude which is a constant state of trying to improve but because of my osteoporosis which I am in denial about and for which I refuse medication because the cure is worse than the disease.

Flowing along in true #SoCS fashion, I wonder who came up with expression bad to the bone?  Why have I not created that category yet?  Examples of why that’d be a great category are everywhere around us!

Uh duh Captain Obvious! Bad to the bone means deep. All the way to the bone aka the core/center. Is anyone really that bad? YES and unfortunately.  Just open up the morning, midday, and evening news.  Bombs are being sent through the mail.  WTF!

But you try to get a grip.  Think, think, and think.

Ah ha!  the Rush song “Roll the Bones”. I ❤ Rush. The thinking man’s band.

Why are we here?

Because we’re here

Roll the bones

Why does it happen?

Because it happens

Roll the bones

Deep thoughts man. Existential really. But when I get all thinking it’s no bueno. And the weather has improved and I prefer to be happy so no more talk of bone.

Yesterday I saw something similar to Gilda’s it’s always something and it makes me crazy that I can’t remember what exactly and where. I only know yesterday at some point during the day I thought “Hmm that’s just like it’s always something”

Themes seem to follow me you know. Right now I’m on a mantra kick. I cope by telling myself various platitudes … to get me past whatever ails me. Like repeating “It’s always something” on a loop.

Beep-beep-beep went the timer.  Better than the alarm.  Off to start prepping for brunch.  For early birds like me, anything after 9 a.m. does not qualify as breakfast.

Now if you like to join our group of prompt respondents, look here for the rules and ping back.

As always more to come.

20 thoughts on “#SoCS for 10/27/18 ~ Bone

  1. “If it wasn’t this, it’d be somethin else” — common phrase round my parts. Was that it?
    I enjoyed this one lots 🙂
    Cures worse than disease and b-b-b-bad to the bone. Niiice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I miss Gilda. And I have misplaced my monthly osteoporosis meds. Sometimes I forget to take it. Maybe I forgot to get the new Rx filled. Anyway, the doctor said my hips have improved but not my spine. Maybe that’s why I have to lie down sometimes. But yay for the good days with happy bones and a happy tummy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooooh. how creepy! Perfect for Halloween. Don’t they call dominoes bones too? I seem to remember playing Shoot the Moon and having to pick from the bone pile.


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