Oh No You Didn’t

Okay peeps I have been writing about the purge aka my office clean up/reorg.  This morning I decided to start in earnest one more time and potentially knock it all out today!!!!  Funny how things keep multiplying despite me getting rid more and more “stuff”.  I am re-arranging never-ending piles of paperwork.  Shredding quickly what I know 100% for sure I can get rid of. Making new piles of potential keep or shred.  I think I need a new method.

Any who.  I found an un-opened box of ink for a printer we no longer own.  I know I bought the ink from Walmart because we have always bought our ink from Walmart.  I looked up return policy without receipt and off I went.

There was no line at the business office.  Whew! Because that almost never happens and it is Saturday after all.  Still early in the month.  I was sure I’d be standing in line forever.

Three clerks behind the counter with nothing to do and the one who was less than enthused stepped forward.

Me: I no have the receipt for this and I no longer own the printer this ink goes to.  It won’t work with my current printer.

Clerk: Would you like to get the correct ink?  

Me: I do not know the correct # for my current printer.  I wanted a Walmart gift card or however you do in-store credit.  Online it says no cashback.  I don’t expect cash.

Clerk: Our manager only allows ink to be exchanged for ink.

Me: Pfft then why did you ask me if I wanted to exchange the ink as if I had a choice? 

Yes my sarcastic smart a$$ has been known to come out unprovoked.

Clerk: Ma’am it’s his call.  He does it because ink is a high theft item. 

What the what?!??  Ma’am!  I am not a ma’am.  And back up the bus sister.  I did not steal the ink.  I was already feeling guilty for trying to return something for which I no longer had the receipt but to be accused of stealing.  Well I ought to … I ought to call the manager!

How does this story turn out?  Very boring.  No sparks flew.  Tail between my legs, I came right back home and found the correct # for the ink for my current printer.  Ink is ink after all and I will need replacement for my current printer eventually.

As always, more to come.

More Adulting

Online trying to decide which health insurance to take.  For any co-workers who see me on IM, I am NOT working.  It’s #free48 and I am boring.

Alex don’t steer me wrong!

As always, more to come.

#SoCS for 10/6/18 ~ Card

Good morning and happy Saturday.  Without further ado or with much ado about nothing let’s get crack-a-lackin shall we?  Linda gets things going with this:

Our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “card.” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

Okay, card.

Think, think, and think.

The first thing that pops into my head is pick a card any card. Magic tricks and card games.  Slight of hand and all that jazz.  Penn and Teller Fool Us with the F/U trophy.  Not many people can F/U Penn and Teller but if you can, well then you WIN!!!!!

Their show is actually pretty entertaining.  The mister has a theory that they film all the episodes in one day because hostess Alyson Hannigan always wears the exact same outfit.  And don’t you know I have to tease him for even noticing her outfit.  But we jest and we laugh.

Speaking of relationships.  Wait, we are speaking of card.  No relationships.  No card.  No where in the world is this headed?  To hell in a hand basket.  Wonder where that expression came from?  Oh yeah, I still need to work on that potential new category.

Any who …

I grew up in a card playing household.  Free entertainment for the rowdy crew.  My favorite was canasta.  Every Friday from 1984 to 1987, I played canasta with my Mamaw and her friends.  I was lucky enough to have the perk of working Monday to Thursday.  Fridays were my free day, pre-kids and I chose to spend it with them.  At first I was a fill in but then Olive passed away.  I became a regular taking her spot until the day my Mamaw passed away.  After she died Connie and Mary continued to invite me but by then Pony was born and I opted to work a five-day work week.   No more free Fridays.  No more me time. I felt guilty for telling them no.  Both were so gracious and kind to me.

Would you look at that.  Maybe this post is about relationships.  My grandma and her friends.  Taught me about strength.  To own it and while I still struggle, I am better for their influence.

I miss her fiercely.  I think of her daily.  I wonder how different things might be if she was here.  The butterfly effect and all that.  Things would be different if … well if things were different.  Our actions have a domino effect but domino is so last week for many folks and not really the same.  One goes in zig zag lines as the other goes in concentric circles.  At least that’s how I picture it.

If you’d like to join this merry band or prompt respondents, look here for the rules and ping back.

As always, more to come.