More Funny Math

I have several of these now.  A collection.  I should have dated them and made a new category.  I might get around to it.  But for today just going to ramble stream of consciousness style.

I am certain we will be in the bread line soon.  Well okay I am not certain.  But I am a boy scout: Be prepared.  At my insistence, we have started a course of extreme budgeting.  I’m even clipping coupons y’all.  Like the olden days.  We have evaluated and eliminated things to be deemed non-essential.  Cutting back to bare bones minimum.  Next step dumpster diving.  I jest.  Or do I?  Kind of, sort of, not really!

We are still blessed and privileged.  Fat and happy!  Which gives me no clue into why my OCD is pinging.

Okay, I have a clue.  I know it is FEAR!  B has never not worked.  NEVER! He carried us for 15 years as I was a pseudo stay at home mom working solely to pay for health insurance.  The uncertainty of his job prospect is unnerving.  Yet I am strangely and seriously excited!  The challenge is fan-freaking-tastic!

Here is one example of what cuckoo J-Dub does now.  I get free Bath and Body no purchase necessary body wash via monthly coupon.  I will never ever pay for body wash again!  Lol.

Until I quit getting the coupons that is.  I am certain they mail them to me because until recently I spent waaaayyy too much money there.  All under the guise of you saved $240.  Uh ya, not saving anything when the original bill would have been $600.  Means I spent $360 “stocking” up.  And you know what?  I can never find a new scent bulb when I need one.  They are hidden all over this house.  We will have scent bulbs for the ages. But I am not getting any more despite seeing that I saved $240 gives me a such rush!!!  Exhilarating!!!

Hi my name is J-Dub and I “had” a problem.