Rapid Fire Brain Dump – Feeling Grateful and Giddy

Today was the best y’all!!!!  I was one of a couple of thousand people honored with a celebratory lunch for employees who have 26 to 39 years of tenure.  I am 34 years old y’all :). Yep that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Now I am not sure if all 2200 of us where in the room or not but the CEO did say collectively those in the room had over 33,000 years of experience.  Which means that I answered my own question.  This was just the San Antonio crew.  And how did I arrive at that conclusion?  Well with math sillies.  33,000/26 = 1269.230769230769.

Those reaching 25 years in 2018, class of 1993 the year our beloved McD retired number at 200.  They had their lunch last week.  The 40 and greater crowd also had a separate lunch.  At one point were will all together in one room but we’ve outgrown the ability to do that.  No small feat to feed this army as it is.  I am so grateful and feel very privileged to be a part of this dynamic company with its’ heartfelt mission.

We had a bit of excitement when the walls came tumbling down.  The rooms are collapsible to accommodate a bigger space and one wall pushed to the side toppled over.  The poor woman two seats down from me was grazed on the head.  Amazing no drinks spilled and nothing broke.  She said she was okay and we moved along.

After this celebratory occasion, I took off on an errand run on my way home.  I was hurrying so I could get back online as I had work to do.  I was trying to multi-task with hands-free calling.  Did you know that when you say dial and the system keeps messing up, if you scream fuck you, fuck you the computer translates your profanity to 52, 52? Well now you know.  🙂

Any who, I got the western union all set up for my disabled relative’s room and board.  I was chatting up the lady in front of me in line because I was in such a good mood and because I always make small talk with strangers.  This women was a tiny little thing, shorter than me at 5’4″ who said she once weighed 185 lbs.  Her husband died and she lost her appetite.  She said she just cannot get it back.  I gave my condolences and wished her well as we left the store.

Any who part two.  I guess I am done but I still have more to say.  I may add another post later tonight or catch you on the flip side.  Today I hit 51 of my WP streak.  On the road to 55.  Then I will set a new goal.

As always, more to come.

#1linerWeds. 10/3/18

Linda started us off with a good one.  I will test her scrolling short cut for sure.  Though I am spending less time on FB these days.

In keeping with the theme … Talk about losing brain cells.  Look what I just saw.  Who knew egg cups contained eggs? Well duh.  lol.

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As always, more to come.