More Funny Math & Adulting

I said I’d never use the word adulting.  But there I go.  Just who do I think I am?  Some youngster playing grown-up.  Nope because I have been an adult for way more years than I can count.  Hell I was a miniature adult/somber kid.  Was I ever a kid?  Hmmm.

Maybe, kind of, sort of, not really!

Now let’s get to the main event.

We used to have our long-term care premiums deducted from my paycheck.  That service ended and now we have the premiums deducted from our checking account.  This is the first month JH w/d $47.  Say that 3 x’s fast.  lol

AND I could SWEAR 52 that I did not see the $47 increase in my paycheck.  Hmmm!

I know it is psychological but when the money comes out before I see it, the cost is cheaper.  Right?  Lol.  Not even.  Just an optical illusion.

We are also on the hunt to find other less expensive life insurance.  Kiddos are grown so we do not need as much as when they were babies.  We are even considering prearrangement.   But that’s what my parents did God bless em.  We should just do the same.  With our funerals paid for, we could really reduce the life insurance to a little pocket change for the kids or cancel it completely.

Decisions, decisions. Hmmm.

So how many times is too many times to write Hmmm in a post.  The answer is four! lol

As always, more to come.