In the Spirit of Gilda

I haven’t railed against the machine in a while.

Okay, you can quit laughing.

I can hear you.

Seriously now.

Just quit it.

Lol :).

In the spirit Gilda, Roseanne Roseannadanna – “It’s always something – if it ain’t one thing it’s another” I come here to release the hounds.  Though I am actually quite zen in this moment.  No anger only slight sadness.  And maybe not even sadness but worry.  Yep worry it is.  Winner, winner chicken dinner.

The weather sucks ass.  Uh ya it does.  Cold I can take but wet?  Enough already.  I feel terrible for those affected by the Hurricanes.  I wish them well as they recover from the devastation.

After that, I really have nothing to complain about.  I should be grateful.  And I am.  But that does nothing to take away the angst.  Channeling my former therapist, there are no degrees to what affects us.  I should not dismiss my feelings as nonchalantly as I do.  I am entitled to feel. It’s all relative.  “It’s always something – if it ain’t one thing it’s another.”

I turned in my car for repairs.  I received a text that estimated delivery date is 11/15/18.  I need to contact the insurance company to see how much of the rental they will pay.  I know part is my responsibility.  I already hate the rental car.  It is too big.  I am afraid to drive it.  The agent scared me trying to get me to take their insurance.  My adjuster already warned me they may do that.  She told me to decline the coverage.  I don’t think she is supposed to say that though.

Any who.  That’s nothing.  What’s weighing heavily is three days until the meet and greet.  Meanwhile B is doing everything he can think of to avoid filling out new paperwork to a point where he is going to miss the chance to stay on.  Fucking pride!

Any who.  He’s a grown ass man and I cannot force him to do anything.  I would cautiously see what’s what before doing anything drastic.  But maybe that’s just me.  The rule follower.

As always, more to come.


No Time For Funny Math

I put my car in the shop and picked up my rental. I had to decide about purchasing gas either by pre-pay or at time of return. The third option is to return the car at the same amount of gas. Paperwork is ridiculously loaded with fine print. I was trying to get to work so easiest was to say I’ll return at the same fuel level.

Now I’m kicking myself because $2.33 a gallon is a lot less expensive than $2.55 a gallon. 22 cents x 3/4 of a 17 gallon tank = $2.81. Not much really but every tiny bit helps. I probably should’ve opted for the pre-pay. Oh well what the hell. Lol.

Happy Monday peeps.

As always, more to come.