FB Memory

A FB memory floated over – originally posted 10/17/15.

Clerk: “ready to strip”

Me: “I think I’ll keep my clothes on”

Clerk: “ma’am you have to pay”

Me: “well if I strip someone else should pay”

Lulu: “oh god mom, you are not even funny. You know he means ‘swipe’ … your card!”

Me: “Of course I know what he meant but he didn’t say swipe he said strip.”

So now I am laughing at my own silliness. And I told her “loosen up baby girl. Life’s too short not to laugh a little bit.”


#1linerWeds. 10/17/18

In continuing with the words of wisdom theme, see below.

Who knew such wise advice could be found on a coaster from the oldest and the longest wooden bar in Texas?!??!  Guess I have to “go whole hog” every now and again.  Wonder where that expression comes from?  I do and I may create that wonder where category one of these days.

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As always more to come.