“The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

Billy-Bob and Lulu are having their last father – daughter day out … not literally the last … figuratively the last ;).  In six days, she leaves for school.  To celebrate that, they’ve taken off and left me alone which is okay because I too have plans for today … Ladies if I am misty when you see me, you will understand why.

Such mixed emotions.  Though in my heart of hearts, I know that this change in our lives is just the beginning and that we’ll see later … only in hindsight that “yea this change wasn’t so bad.  In fact, everything was more than okay on that day of August 19, 2016… dare I say that day/whole weekend and years the followed were fantastic”.  That’s my prediction any way.  We are happy, sad, nervous, excited, and scared all at once.  So surreal that she is 18 because when I look at her, this is what I see.  Pass the kleenex please.



My twisted mind thinks “keeping crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about”  An expression, that never once passed the lips of either of my parents.  Any time I boo-hooed, no matter the reason, they listened and gave advice.   I’ve been talking to them a lot these past few weeks.  No I have not lost my mind, they are not answering me … not out loud any ways.  Hoping to channel some of their inner strength on the BIG day.  So I am done now and dry-eyed and of course I blame this rain for my tears anyway.  Seasonal depression is a real thing y’all.  Or maybe I just had something in my eye.  Yea, that’s it, darn pollen.

As always … more to come.

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