Who is Your Favorite Boy Band?

Lulu and I share a car.  Yesterday was her turn to drive it so this morning when we went out shopping, the car radio was tuned to XM10 Pop 2K.  We were kickin it back old school fo-sho.  Lots of “classics”.  Here’s how the conversation went …

Lulu: “N-Sync or Backstreet Boys?”

Me: “The one with Donnie Wahlberg”

Lulu: “he was not in either mom”

Me: “uh, ya, I’m pretty sure that he was”

Lulu: “well … you would be wrong”

Me: “then which group was he in”

Lulu: “New Kids on the Block”

Me: “That’s right, but how do you know that?”

Lulu: “I don’t know, I just remember all the ‘old’ boy bands”

Lulu continued: “I thought you’d say N-Sync for Justin Timberlake”

Me: “uh what?  he was in N-Sync, I thought he was a Mousekeeter??”

Lulu: “oh mom, yes … yes he was … but the correct answer is Backstreet Boys, always Backstreet Boys”