I’m Not The Sun

… your world does not revolve around me.

Sometimes people will ask the secret to Billy Bob and I staying married so long.  See prior posts “They said it’d never last”.  I’m mean really we were expected to be another divorce statistic by marrying so young … just 19 and 20.  What’d we know anyway?!???

Nothing   We knew nothing then.  We know nothing now … almost 32 years in.    There’s no “secret” to our success   Dare I say we were just “lucky”

1-I’ve often heard marriage is hard work   Not so for us.

2-You’ve got to give and give and give.   Have you met me yet?   I can give but do I have to (just kidding)

3-Put the other person’s needs first. Well yes as long as he does the same for you when your turn comes.

4-Do everything (or most things) together.  No football is boring and he doesn’t like to travel.

I love Billy Bob immensely. but our interests are diverse as you can see. We are perfectly content to lead semi-separate lives as long as we come back to each other              … eventually.  When we are together the time spent becomes that much more special.

There’s an expression “a safe place to land”   He is that for me and I am that for him.  Harbors in the storm of life and we’ve been through some squalls.

Yesterday I saw a quote that I’ll paraphrase here because I’m old and I forget.   Basically  the pearl of wisdom went something like this:

Love is not about always being together.   Love is about being apart and nothing changes.  

That’s the secret if there ever was one    TRUST!  Followed in no particular order by RESPECT and LOVE❤️

Caveat the above applies to us. Pave your own love path.  As always, more to come …