I Feel the Need to Testify

… but in my current state of mind, racing and scattered I’m afraid I won’t make much sense. ¬†I’ll try anyway because I am HIGH! ¬†On life … not a chemically altered state ¬†… well unless there can be a natural reaction within the body that causes a state of being similar to being on drugs. ¬†Hmmmm, I think there is …

My insanely happy state of mind was brought to you by … wait for it … en-freaking-dorphins. ¬†Who knew¬†that physical labor and/or exercise was the cure for what ails you? ¬†Doctors … doctors knew and nurses, they knew too and kinesiology majors. ¬†Tons of people knew. ¬†Billy Bob knew and didn’t tell me. Shame, shame on Billy Bob. ¬†I mean really! ¬†No wonder he can’t sit still and always has to be puttering around doing something. ¬†Working your muscles feels good and clears your mind. ¬†And today I figuratively worked my ass off. ¬†The entire time we were working, the following 80’s Devo classic was on a loop in my brain ( well okay … I admit it … the words slipped past my lips too):

“Well I been working in a coal mine

Going down, down

Working in a coal mine

Whew about to slip down”

“Lord, I am so tired. ¬†How long can this go on?”

Lulu asks me “Mom what is wrong with you?” Me “nothing just trying to make the work go by faster” Lulu “what is that song?” ¬†Me “Uh how do you NOT know DEVO!??”

It was then I realized I failed as a parent. ¬†Woe is me! ¬†My child does not know Devo. ¬†How could this happen ?!??! Devo was a staple of MTV in my teen years though ironically, when MTV first aired on August 1, 1981, Devo was not on the set list. ¬†Hey, wait a minute!! ¬†Yesterday should have been a national freaking holiday. ¬†No kidding! ¬†I cannot believe 25 years have passed since “Video Killed the Radio Star”.

And with that, I am done. ¬†I ran out of¬†steam. ¬†Still SO HAPPY. ¬†I wonder how long endorphins hang around for … because I mean really, this is good, so very very good. ¬†I may just have to keep¬†werking it.

As always, more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!