Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/1/22

Subtitle: Breakfast with the Brain Trust & Word Root Origin

Last Saturday, we ate out as a family for the first time in over a year.  I always love our family meals (at home or away) because we have the no TV/cell phone rule & we talk.  I mean really talk about whatever pops into our heads.  The conversation flows smoothly like a lazy river.  The kind you can float on all day.  This is where I get to see that my kids are wonderful human beings not because of me but in spite of me.  Both very opinionated & articulate about their beliefs & moral character.  They have surpassed their momma.  Our conversations are not always serious, we laugh.  A lot.  Even after the change in dynamics, losing my daughter-in-law, figuratively.  Pony forgave her so we should too but damn that whole situation still stings.   Moving on, we always enjoy a good sarcastic chuckle.  The kind you wouldn’t repeat in polite company yet here I am about to repeat. 

Well I won’t tell all.  I’m not my guilty pleasure, the Bachelorette(s).  Trash TV forever calling my name.  Darn you ABC & your enticing melodrama.

Here is one funny excerpt:

Pony – did you realize fascism and fajita have the same root origin?

Me – seriously or are you joking?

Pony – seriously, there’s a whole timeline of the change, look it up later

Lulu – ya, I read fascism goes back to the Latin fascia & fajita goes back to the Spanish faja

Me – how do you know that?

Lulu – Twitter

Me – LOL encyclopedia Twitter for the win

Pony – So, fajita = strip of meat & fascism = strip of rights … think about that …

And we laughed because it is dark humor.  Not funny ha-ha but funny that makes you think.

As always, more to come.


9 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/1/22

    1. It is really fun. I’m still iffy on the restaurants but this place kept up glass partitions between booths & I masked too and from the table & our waitress was masked.

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