Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Best American Short Stories of 2021 Editor Jesmyn Ward – Part Two

Short intro – look back HERE for details of what I’m attempting. These posts are my experiment. Having the time of my life. Reading, writing, and all around musing.

“Where we come from, people would bring their own justice because ours was not a world of due process.”

The Rest of Us by Jengo Duque

Without getting too you know what, our world feels this way to me.

“The mix of ginger & patchouli was Claire. Then one day she noticed the stark, earthly smell near Claire’s armpit, it was the smell of death.” “When Claire was gone, Norman began to give off his own sad odor” “There is just as much nonsense in the dog world as the human world”

Clementine, Carmelita, Dog by David Mean

Three good quotes. Not everyone will agree but I think dogs do have this kind of sense where they can tell things. A heartfelt story from the dog’s point of view.

As always, more to come.