Remembering the Dash ~ 9/1/22

Theresa Irmina Andrisek McBee Jasek 9/1/32 – 1/25/98. Today would have been her 90th birthday. Happy birthday to the only momma I ever knew. My feature image is the tattoo she’d likely be upset by …. or not. I’d like to think she would have made an exception somehow knowing my sweet baby girl drew the heart (and has a tattoo of her own). Times change & maybe her strict interpretation of the catechism would have changed too.

I’m not quite ready to full on release the hounds but I couldn’t let this milestone go by without a mention. Over the coming days, I may or may not expand upon my story. I’ve been teasing about doing this for months. I’m pacing myself because I don’t want this to turn into a bash the dead person narrative. She was flawed but then again everyone is flawed; all of us are imperfectly human. I live in a glass house, not going to throw any stones. And I want to stress things weren’t all bad, in fact, there was usually much more good. Revisionist history or not, my life has been & continues to be extraordinary. I don’t need a wellness check. I promise.

This has to be my favorite quote from the 1948 film The Naked City. “There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” I feel like I have 8 million stories all by myself. A tangled bowl of spaghetti which is very hard to follow. But then that wouldn’t be any different from my typical posts here. WordPress is definitely the place to tell my tale. People here have always been very supportive.

It’s blurry but it’s us!

Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/1/22

Subtitle: Breakfast with the Brain Trust & Word Root Origin

Last Saturday, we ate out as a family for the first time in over a year.  I always love our family meals (at home or away) because we have the no TV/cell phone rule & we talk.  I mean really talk about whatever pops into our heads.  The conversation flows smoothly like a lazy river.  The kind you can float on all day.  This is where I get to see that my kids are wonderful human beings not because of me but in spite of me.  Both very opinionated & articulate about their beliefs & moral character.  They have surpassed their momma.  Our conversations are not always serious, we laugh.  A lot.  Even after the change in dynamics, losing my daughter-in-law, figuratively.  Pony forgave her so we should too but damn that whole situation still stings.   Moving on, we always enjoy a good sarcastic chuckle.  The kind you wouldn’t repeat in polite company yet here I am about to repeat. 

Well I won’t tell all.  I’m not my guilty pleasure, the Bachelorette(s).  Trash TV forever calling my name.  Darn you ABC & your enticing melodrama.

Here is one funny excerpt:

Pony – did you realize fascism and fajita have the same root origin?

Me – seriously or are you joking?

Pony – seriously, there’s a whole timeline of the change, look it up later

Lulu – ya, I read fascism goes back to the Latin fascia & fajita goes back to the Spanish faja

Me – how do you know that?

Lulu – Twitter

Me – LOL encyclopedia Twitter for the win

Pony – So, fajita = strip of meat & fascism = strip of rights … think about that …

And we laughed because it is dark humor.  Not funny ha-ha but funny that makes you think.

As always, more to come.