#1linerWeds. 9/7/22

Winston is adorable. Just saying. I changed my mind & I’m staying with quotes from The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse. For all you correct grammar folks, the capitalization is exactly as the book cover. I so want to capitalize mole and fox but for now, onward. Today’s pearl of wisdom is this …

“Isn’t it odd? We can only see our outsides, but nearly everything happens on the inside”

Charlie Mackesy The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse

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As always, more to come.


I’ve Been Found Out ~ 9/7/22

I’ve been caught red handed. But not 💯 percent sure. And here I thought I was so stealth. Under my alternate Twitter account, I get to be me. Not that I’m not genuine here because I wear my heart on my sleeve & gush my very being. But there, where no one knows me, I’m not afraid to share thoughts that might not otherwise make the light of day. And this is with a cohort of people who have something so deeply in common with me, that they get it. The club no one else wants to be in.

I know I’m overthinking and what would’ve had to be done to find me isn’t easy. I’m not the sun or worth the time so the family tells me they think I’m still anonymous. So much is starting to make sense though & I label myself the bad actor.

I’m going to keep pressing on. Hope there is truth to it’s not over until it’s over. As I re-read everything there is much pain in my writing. Brutal, honest, and at times overreacting. Maybe that could perhaps bring sympathy or empathy. As long as I’m not pitied, I’ll take what I get.

As always more to come.