#SoCS ~ 9/3/22

Why oh Why? Yep that’s the story of my life lately. I’m the overthinking question lady. Time once again for #SoCS, where our host Linda G Hill writes & I copy paste. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is โ€œstart with why.โ€ Begin your post with the word โ€œwhy.โ€ Have fun! HERE are the rules & ping back if you’d like to join in.

No bonus points but I started with why so I’m done! Or maybe a quick acrostic WHYOHWHY

Wishing doesn’t make it so

How we react is what we control

Yesterday cannot be undone

Only moving forward now

Here in the present, make it count

Wistfulness has no place to stay

Happiness is all around

Yes you can believe it

As always, more to come.