Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/29/22

Here we go! My last thought of the month. Oh who am I kidding?!? My thoughts are a daily whirling dervish. If I’m not overthinking, I’m sleeping. I’m also scheduling this post so that I don’t miss my once a day forever goal. This is post 1508 in a row with 4112 posts in total since I began this blog for real the second time. Saved my life I tell you what!

Yesterday, not really yesterday but 9/23/22*, my monitor went out. This is a Hannspree which are hard to find but a boatload are available on eBay. I vividly remember getting the monitor. I told the guy at Best Buy, don’t take advantage of a luddite, I want the least expensive but most reliable monitor. Oh & I’m really not a luddite. I LOVE new technology & while I can’t keep up with the kiddos, I have found ways of meeting my technology needs handily … for my purposes which are limited anyway. Sometimes I play dumb to get assistance when I’m impatient but mostly when in doubt, I right click my way to something.

So back to the monitor. It is at least 22 years old because I have had it ever since we moved here. I said this recently, I mark time by life events. I worked on my little laptop all hunched over which is NOT good for my back but I couldn’t really take a day off since I was facilitating training that day. Pony had an extra monitor that he brought to me that afternoon but in doing the ole switcheroo, the gently used screen got damaged when we accidentally laid it on top of the camera. Now that screen is completely toast. He wasn’t upset because he was never going to use it again anyway.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I mean a generally funny thing happened. The jingling around (my technical term for reestablishing connection) of the Hannspree brought it back to life all Evanescence Thank you Amy Lee. I used it for a while last night* without issue & today (really 9/24/22) I have some flickering when I delete emails of all things. Then the screen went all fuzzy like the end of TV broadcast in the old days. This means I’m getting a new monitor even though the laptop works in a pinch.

I surely do not want to go back into the office more days than mandated just to have a big screen. More so because our covid protocols at work are relaxed. The mandatory testing is done & the what to do if exposed has changed. No more quarantine. Come on in folks, the water is fine. We’ll be back to the old days of if you’re not coughing up a lung & your fever is 101 or less, we expect to see you there. FML, seriously. I’m wanting to avoid exposure at all costs because we have to help B’s parents. I’ll never forgive myself for passing this along. But all I can do is control myself so I am five times vaccinated – two shots, two boosters (regular), & one booster (bivalent). I’ll do whatever I need to do annually as well. Sure I’m overreacting but that’s what I’m known for don’t cha now. lol

As always, more to come.