Thursday Thoughts ~ 9/8/22

Subtitle: Street Clothes – Fashion Sense

Well, I’m back in the office at least two days a week which means I needed to get some new duds.  I used to love shopping but then hated shopping because of what happened on 10/30/06.  Maybe I should be over that by now huh?  Anyway, I was not looking forward to getting new clothes.

One thing I did during our whole work from home phase, to keep me from going off the rails, was to get up & get dressed in what my mom used to refer to as street clothes.  That was one sure fire way to tell the difference between night & day.  No half-dressed Zoom calls for me. 

Mind you I didn’t get all dressed up, just changed out of pajamas.  My uniform became shorts & a t-shirt in warm months & sweats & a t-shirt for cold months.  I completely forgot what shoes were, but I had loads of crazy socks.

At the onset of the pandemic, I had begun a fitness journey as an example to Lulu.  In the beginning of 2020 & almost that whole year I was at my bantamweight fighting weight class.  Then I got comfortable with things & started baking all kinds of heavenly delights from scratch with lard, butter, whole milk, etc. I quit walking with the excuse it was too hot or too cold.  And I gained weight.  I’m more than a number on the scale so that didn’t bother me too much.  Somehow I gained just enough to stay in the same size albeit not as comfortably. 

There is a point in here somewhere.  I promise I am getting to it.

Lulu knows how much I dislike shopping.  She asked me if I wanted to try some of her clothes.  She has a closet full of sizes that she is keeping just in case.  So, I went shopping in her closet and found two nice pair of jeans, one size up from my current wardrobe but oh so comfortable.    Two days in the office = two pair of jeans, shopping spree averted.  I have so many USAA branded polos that I could wear a different one on the two in office days of each week & not wear the same shirt for two months.  For all you math aficionados out there, that is 16 polos.  Because of the issues with my feet, I’m resolved to only wearing tennis shoes.  Comfort over fashion all-day any day.  Sure makes things easy.

Now where was I? I’m not sure. Maybe what I thought I wanted to say doesn’t need to be said. Only going to reinforce, we are all more than a number on the scale no matter what anyone else tells us. Lulu has lost over 100 lbs and maintained that weight loss for going on two years.

The events that contributed to the gain have changed; basically she switched medication. The sentiment for the time prior to that was better fat & alive than skinny & dead. As if that particular medication was her life raft. She may have made the switch sooner but finding medical care for an invisible disease is rough. I don’t have enough time to go down the rabbit hole that is mental health care but options are sparse & that’s putting it mildly.

Deep down to her core, Lulu is the same person & people still remarking that she looks good makes her wonder what they thought of her before. Makes your sense of self wobbly. Think twice before opening your yap people, myself included. Be kind because you’ve no idea what anyone else is going through.

As always, more to come.