Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Best American Short Stories of 2021 Editor Jesmyn Ward – Part Four

Short intro – look back HERE for details of what I’m attempting. These posts are my experiment. Having the time of my life. Reading, writing, and all around musing. HERE you will find Part Two. HERE you will find Part Three.

My part four is lackluster. I got through the book before I had to return it but I don’t have any more quotes. The remainder of the stories were very dark & graphic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them but I can’t really speak to the content which became uniquely personal. Almost memoir style which I always say “who am I to judge?” I see why the editor grouped the choices as she did. I do recommend you pick up the book if you get the chance.

FIN for now, though I might try this style review again someday.

As always, more to come.