Faux Anniversary ~ 8/2/22

I didn’t really begin blogging 7 years ago today. Nope, I started in earnest in July of 2016 because my sweetest Lulu was going way to college that August. My plan was to distract myself & boy did I succeed!!

Because WP tracked everything I see my very first attempt from this day 7 years ago. Three very short posts Hello World, Enhancing My Skills, and Books, Music, Movies. Then radio silence until July 3, 2016. I wish I could do ping backs but that’s not working. Oh well, moving along.

As always, more to come.


8 thoughts on “Faux Anniversary ~ 8/2/22

  1. It was the same with me. I created an account to follow a dear friend on WP and I get a message on that day in Jan or Feb. i actually started writing on my blog in September.

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    1. Thanks John! I wish I had a virtual personal journal to look back on. I got rid of all my paper spirals which is the equivalent I guess. No regrets though, only forward.

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