Thursday Thoughts Part Two ~ 8/18/22

I’m back in the saddle again. Aka two days a week with butt in seat in the behemoth that is 9800 Fredericksburg Rd. Y’all heard me whining before about going back. Things were unofficial until the email of 7/28/22. Now there’s no doubt. Hybrid means come back.

I was scared 😳 of the vid. I still am. I haven’t had it yet but if I’m around people more, my chances increase. We’re to test weekly on the honor system. You know I’m swabbing but not sure about anyone else.

I’ve lost count of others who’ve had it. Including my elderly infirm mother in law. She made it through okay & many do. I also know people who’ve died. Back to two things can be true at the same time. I also read where as much as 95% of the US population have immunity from either the vaccines/boosters or natural immunity from contracting the virus.

Time to take some chances I guess. I’m not quite ready to retire. With recent events at work, I’m grateful 🥹 to keep my job as others around me received the 60 days or else love letter. I’m hearing there’s life after. Still hope I don’t have to find out.

As always, more to come.