Thursday Thoughts 💭 ~ 8/4/22

I’m in a silly 🙃 mood. I’m remembering when I first got my cellphone 📱 & didn’t really know what I was doing. I was getting all my contacts together. Pony grabbed my phone when I wasn’t 👀 looking & changed his name to “Kickass P”. I’ve had what feels like a dozen phones since then & and his contact name still carried over as kick ass 🤣

We are not texters. Or at least we’re not good at texting 💬. Except for Lulu. To a point where B made Lulu answer his phone calls when she was away at college. “Give your old man a break”. And she did.

Pony even prefers to talk instead of text. Reminds me of his friends calling the house phone 📞 back in landline days asking for him. His voice over the phone ☎️ as he grew up sounding more & more like B’s dearly departed brother ❤️‍🩹. May Uncle D Rest In Peace.

Last week we were staying put due to Covid. B was exposed at the nursing home when visiting his mom. His doctor told him to wear a mask 😷 or social distance. To test on day 5 & if a positive test or he got symptoms to call back. Thankfully, he was negative on day 5 & none of us caught it. But this meant we were all at home last week 🏠. To maintain a social distance, instead of mask wearing inside the house, we went to four corners and texted each other.

I’m telling ya what, I’ve never laughed so much. I’ve learned how clever & funny 😁 they can be when forced to write. And oh m gee, the memes 🤣.

We’re back to normal, talking instead of text. I’ve decided I’m never 👎 going to delete our group chat 💬. When I’m gone they can scroll through & laugh while remembering me.

Okay 👌🏽 now. Lemme let ya go.

As always more to come.