Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of Her Perfect Family by Teresa Driscoll ~ 8/19/22

This review is non spoiler but bratty. I’m prickly lately so suck it. Oh behave. Anyhoo, this is what I wrote:

Stories within stories. Alternating chapters of then & now by the person talking. A bit disjointed but not sure what else might make the flow better. Maybe cut out one of the stories that was really more filler? I noticed the word liaising or liaised was overused. Find a synonym.

This was a free book of the month for being a Prime member. While not terrible, theses free books prove sometimes you get what you pay for. I did however get quite a few good quotes.

  • Words are how I process things – yep that is me to a T
  • I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to know; it was like a pact – oh ya another line that is the story of my life & when I’m brave enough to ask, I get an emotional smackdown.
  • I’m shocked at how angry I feel. Like I could hit something. Like I want justice. Revenge? – I’ve even got my family worried about me, I can’t let go but I need to for my own sanity. Life imitating art – similar but not the same … my anger is more sadness that comes from a completely different source
  • I wonder if childhood memories are all real or if we conjure some of them from the photographs and anecdote shared – taking it a step further is any memory real? Same situations invoke different memories for different people. I feel unsteady like my whole life was a big fat lie.

And with that, I am FIN.

As always more to come.