Tuesday Filler ~ 8/9/22

Typically Tuesday is when I share my world. But yesterday there was no prompt post from Melanie a.k.a. Sparky. I worried of course because you can set your watch to how punctual and reliable she is. Fandango put out a call to see if anyone had heard from her. This morning there’s an answer that she’s in the hospital and being cared for. Di had been given the greenlight to share with us.

Too much hospitals lately. My mother-in-law was in the hospital then rehab now home. My brother was in the hospital and now he is home. And then I learned of Melanie today. In the case of my mother-in-law and my brother I believe both were released prematurely. But that’s what we call “healthcare” in America today. It’s an insurance company that determines when you’re ready to go home. Not the doctors. I hope our dear Sparky has a different experience. I believe it varies widely on geography and insurance status. Such a racket.

On a positive note we got substantial rain yesterday. Very grateful 😇. I was reminded of rainy days as a kid. We would rearrange the living room furniture and move the coffee table up to the big picture window. And we sit there and color while watching the storm. If there was no lightning and just rain, we would go run around in the yard. Dashing on and off the front porch. When we eventually came in, mom would have warm towels fresh out of the dryer for us to dry off with. Such a comforting feeling and a lovely memory with which to end this post.

We’d all be so lucky to have a Fandango in our life, to check on us when we’re missing. Some days I wonder if anyone would even notice me being gone. And I know at least a few would … my fearsome trio, B & the kiddos. For that, I’m fortunate ☺️ and eternally grateful.

As always more to come.