Random Quotes ~ 8/4/21

I’m still organizing, started one year ago with a deep dig in purge and in maintenance mode ever since. I found this scrap paper with a grocery list on the back. I didn’t cite my sources and have no idea where these came from only that it was likely a book I was reading. The page isn’t dated either but it came from the 2020 planner which means these are relatively recent.

  • First world problems, nails or salt stained boots.
  • Pedantic, but it reminds me of the research showing that societies that eschew material possessions are happier overall.
  • And has anyone told poor people that they should be happier overall?
  • It seems like a million years ago and it seems like it was just last week.
  • Plus, I’m sorry but how do you take seriously a person who is named after an avenue?

And with that, the paper can be recycled.

As always. more to come.

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