Tidbits ~ 8/2/21

Channeling my inner Karen … Carpenter that is … I have an earworm … Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down …

And on this Monday without work I should be in a better mood. Lately the rain creates an anxiety in me that is unprecedented. I remember as a kid, staring out the big picture window from the living and loving the rain. Mom made sure we were not afraid of thunder and lightning. Proper respect but nothing to fear. Watching a thunderstorm, lights off in the house, was thrilling.

If it a was just rain, during the day, on a day off much like today, we’d make our way onto the front porch. Eventually dashing on and off the porch to dance in the rain. Mom would bring us towels heated up in the dryer. With such fond memories, I’ve no idea why all of a sudden rain causes almost a panic in me. The fear of internet outage maybe? Since all that happened with LuLu during her first job? Three people depending on a good solid connection that we take for granted. Maybe that’s it?

Anyway, the book store is calling my name. Loudly. See ya on the flip side. 10/4 good buddy.

As always, more to come.