Thursday Thoughts ~ 8/26/21

I wrote something too controversial to post. Some words are best left unsaid ya know. In its place I had something good but I didn’t write down my thoughts quick enough. Which means I forgot. So much for good. Instead you get boring and wordy.

Not as good as what I thought about this morning but along the same vein, here goes nothing.

Dreams. I have been having lots of vivid dreams lately. Usually early in the morning after B gets up at 5 and before I have to get up at 7. I hear the beep, beep. beep of his alarm but quickly I am under again. Those are prime hours for the active imagination where I’m in deep REM sleep. I think I wrote before about how I was enamored with dreams and their meanings. I wanted to analyze them to make sense of the nonsensical. That’s not going to happen because I don’t remember them. All I know is I wake anxious because the dream is active like me running away from a lion or something.

I also used to be enamored with my horoscope. I read the daily and every month I’d get a scroll at Handy Andy. I miss the Handy Andy. I remember the candy and gum at checkout. Fruit Stripes and some cherry gum that I always had to have. Well that or fire sticks or jolly rancher green apple. The joy! lol

Alrighty, enough prattling about. Lemme let ya go.