Friday Book Club: J-Dub’s Review of The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop by Fannie Flagg

Anyone else remember Fanny Flagg from Match Game and other assorted 1970’s television? Well she is also an author. I read her book Fried Green Tomatoes and watched the movie where Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy were phenomenal. Mary Stuart-Masterson and doe eyed Mary-Louise Parker were awesome too. Dearly departed Cicely Tyson, personified Sipsey. Watch the movie and you’ll see for yourself.

Okay, back to this week’s book. My Goodreads review follows:

A cast of known characters from Fried Green Tomatoes. No spoilers. Homespun. A recommended read.

I’m not making that same mistake again of spilling the beans but that review was a bit brief. I checked my common place book and have one long quote.

I’ve made some money in my time, but all my life, I’ve had something that no amount of money could buy. I’ve had people who loved me and who I loved right back.

Bud Threadgoode from Fanny Flagg’s The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop

At the time, this quote struck me. I was probably pissy about work. The bane of my existence. I made it 4 days y’all. Before the new shiny feeling of returning after vacation wore off. Doesn’t help that I returned at the worst time ever. Also doesn’t help that I’m sensitive. Since only I can control my reaction, I say fuck it. I’m back to swearing like a sailor. lol.

One more quick note, the book has a few things not really PC by today’s standards. Things that don’t happen as much now. It was written based on the times which some may not like. So there is that, you’ve been warned.

As always, more to come.