#SoCS ~ 8/28/21

My, my, my. What have we here? What we’ve got here … is … failure to communicate. Paul Newman. Cool Hand Luke. Philanthropist, salad dressing maker, movie star extraordinaire. The Captain is a jacka$$ just saying.

Hello fellow bloggers. Saturday has come around yet again. Like a good penny, it keeps turning up. Linda is our host with the most and I ALWAYS read her intros. How else am I going to know what to do?!? Today she writes and I copy paste …

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “my.” Start your post with the word “My.” Bonus points if you end your post with “yours.” Enjoy!

Guess you’ve cracked the code for the reason of my intro. I couldn’t wait until now to use the word my since I’m on the road to bonus points I’m telling ya what.

When I think of the word my, I’m usually excited. Whatever I proclaim comes with an exclamation point. Like MY word! or MY goodness or MY lord! I’m telling ya what. Twice in one post. lol

My goodness gracious, sakes alive. I’m always down for a good colloquial phrase. Like this one. My mama didn’t raise no fool.

She raised an empath. Someone told me that yesterday after we discussed a very awkward meeting where my coworker acted uncharacteristically. “So and so isn’t upset with you Jilly. She’s going through some personal stuff and you’re an empath who picked up on that.” Uh maybe? My whole life I’ve been referred to as sensitive. Guess there’s worse things to be considered.

Okay, time to land the plane. We’re staying in this Saturday. Enjoying being couch potatoes. I’m reading and lounging and reading some more. Ah, now that’s the stuff.

Golly I want those bonus points. As always more to come. Your truly or truly yours!