Could It Get Any Worse?

Dr. AB Cee: Are you his guardian?

Jenny: NO! Absolutely not! And I will not be.  I cannot be responsible for him.  I am his representative payee but even that needs to change. What if I die first?  There’s a service –  Family Elder Care.  I need to get on that waiting list.  I’ve been saying that for years though.

Dr. AB Cee: I understand, I am only asking to assess his situation.  I do not want him signing anything unless he has the authority to do so and sounds like he does.

Jenny: I don’t know about that.  His comprehension level might be that of a six year old.  He won’t understand. Even if he signs.

Dr. AB Cee:  Call Mr. Free at 555-614-4157 for more details. On my end, I will recommend release to the group home.  Do you have the name and number for them?

Jenny (from rote memory & feeling numb):  The group home coordinator is Andy.  His number is 555-444-2323. When did this happen?  Last night?

Dr. AB Cee: No, he was arrested 9/25.

Jenny (shocked): What?!?  But that’s three weeks ago.  Why didn’t anybody call me!!


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