For 11/30/17 ~ Zoo

First thought … Scorpion’s Animal Magnetism album … song the Zoo.  If I looked even remotely like the lovely ladies in the video, I’d flaunt the hell out of it.  Uh, no I would not!  Too close to truths of today and that could turn into an entirely different post.   Instead I selected the version by Acoustica.  Still features Klaus’ vocals!!!  I will never forget him screaming WE LOVE  SAN ANTONIO!!!! before the 3rd (yes 3rd) encore.  One of the best concerts I ever attended.

Meanwhile, back at the other zoo.  I am reading a book and a character who I call stoner John has a million dollar idea for a “Punch Zoo”.  You know just like a petting zoo only instead of petting, you punch the animals.

Twisted! For sure.  But I have to say, when I read it, I laughed out loud.  So much for my taste. I must be twisted.  No guessing, ’tis true.  Sometimes even inappropriate laughter is better than the alternative.  So farcical.  Escapism to read about things I will never do.  I would never punch an animal.  They’d eat me first.  And besides, I love animals.

Brought to you Via The Daily Prompt and J-Dub’s racing mind.

As aways, more to come.

Back to the scene of the crime

Do I dare go hiking on Saturday?

Does lightning ever really strike the same place twice?

I’m sure I won’t fall and break another body part

Well. Sort of. Not really. Maybe.

Ugh. My irrational mind is playing tricks on me.

As always, more to come.


Only two chapters in and David Wong is my current favorite author. Like the TX weather it will change but for now score!!!!!

Lol! I’ve lost it … if I ever had it.

What the hell did I just read?

I’m gonna call the character stoner John. He calls his buddy Dave for an “emergency”. He’s got a house full of like minded stoners blind taste testing Froot Loops. Their premise of conspiracy is the loops are all the same flavor just different colors. He says “get over here Dave! Skittles are next!”

Paints a vivid picture and I’m so easily amused. I bet we all have someone like him in ours lives. If we’re lucky 🍀

As always, more to come.