Financial Advice

Me: Maybe we should get the 20 year ARM?  Keep the payments down the first five years?

B: Pony said never to do that.

Me: Why?  maybe back in the day when all those poor people got shafted.  Balloons bursting.  I think there are regulations in place now to keep that from happening again.

B: I’d rather have the fixed payments

Me: Let’s call him and ask.

As always, more to come.


How Could This Happen?

Dr. AB Cee: He was incoherent until recently.  This is the best we can piece together.  Benjy said he was homeless for 4 or 5 days before he went to the hospital.  He was in full blown psychosis when he got there (in this doctor’s professional opinion) yet they refused to admit him.  Terrence told him to leave.  Benjy would not leave and the cops were called. He was arrested without further incident.  The charge was misdemeanor public trespass.

Jenny: But he was in the group home.  He was not homeless.  Are you sure this was not part of his disease? And why would they not admit him?  He is a frequent flyer at the Saints, Terrence knows him! He had a pattern of showing up 3-4 times a year.  They would always get him back on track every time he went off his meds.  What made this time different?

Dr. AB Cee: That’s all I know.  Why don’t you call Andy and see if he can fill in some blanks.