Classic Response to Depression is a Choice

“Oh really? Well “go f-ck yourself” is a directive” – Andy Richter

I ❤️ Andy. Thank you for taking time from school drop off to give your heartfelt message.

To the naysayers, you’re blessed. I’m glad you can’t understand since that means you’ve never experienced the pain. It’s not your fault really but everyone has something and karma well she’s a bitch!

What Made Maddy Run The Secret And Tragic Death Of An All American Teen by Kate Fagan

I heard about this book in the same way I often do. My search history throws suggestions into my feed. I was hesitant to read it since I’m supposed to stay away from potentially triggering topics. A book club friend said it was very good and an important message so I broke my new rule.

This quote speaks to why I write:

I reached for an empty journal I keep on my nightstand; I tried to write my way out of the moment, believing that perhaps I could exorcise the thoughts, silence them by dragging them from my head to the paper, where they would wither and die in the open air.

I’ve no additional commentary as this is one to experience yourself and draw your own conclusions.

There are no definitive answers yet many lessons just the same. That’s what I will comment on … what I learned or maybe what I already knew:

  • Outward appearance can be very misleading
  • You never really know anyone
  • Social media can be harmful
  • People are resilient

RIP Maddy. 💔

#SoCS ~ 11/18/17

Hey! Hey you!

That’s my attention grab


HEY! <insert name>

HEY JOE!  – Jimi Hendrix

I’d never say psst to get someone’s attention

Psst is for secrets

psst is for keeping things on the dl

Scene: Canal Street, NYC

Psst, check this out!


Have I got a deal for you

Handbags … LV … deep discount


Watches – Rolex

and with that my stream is gone …

except for some reason, I picture Drommen

Psst!  May I?

Lol!!! except not lol … Drommen is a pervert!

For anyone who has not read  Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right series, you’ve no idea what you’re missing.  I have this mental image … kook in Columbo style trench coat.  Naked underneath … riding the bus all day.  Psst, may I?

But there is so MUCH more.

Today’s #SoCS was brought to you by one J-Dub McGillicuddy.  Looking to get her mo jo back.  She knows it’s in there somewhere.

Here are the Rules and Ping Back so you can play along.