Shower Silliness

B: you bruised your butt

Me: I figured as much

B: you’ve also got a hole

Me: what? really? where?

B: you didn’t just ask me that

Me: look at you … making jokes … not good jokes, thanks for trying

Actually all we’ve be doing is laughing. And every time something happens we rise to the occasion. Silver linings.


Broken Wing and Random Thoughts

I need to write it out … you know like shake it off

… but I’m having a hard time doing sH!t one handed.

B tells me I’ll get used to it … he did and he broke his right wrist and had a broken face to boot.  But he’s stronger than me.  I’m a marshmallow. A salty, shriveled up cream puff of a marshmallow 😦

Random thoughts to excise my demons:

  • determined to find silver linings and stay healthy
  • leads me to workout daily even though the team challenge is done and I broke my fucking arm
  • no excuse as I can pedal the recumbent and go many more miles than treadmill or outdoor walking
  • but I still feel sucky
  • nobody likes me … everybody hates me
  • not true … some people dislike me and dare I say hate me though hate is a very strong word
  • I love too much too quickly and have feels for complete strangers
  • everyone is my brother but that intensity is not for faint of heart so I’m going to dial it way-way back
  • and disappear … that’s not me so we’ll see how long this lasts
  • who needs people anyway … I’ve got B and that’s something … hell that’s everything but if I was him I’d make like a tree and leave
  • My PCP didn’t call back until 5 pm Monday by which time I had made an appointment elsewhere for my arm
  • The other office called me today to change doctors.  No reason though they’ll still see me tomorrow.  Should I care? I won’t libel the new doc but the ratings are vastly different.  Same group … I guess I’ll be ok.  I’m sure I don’t need a doc any way.  I’m small potato, non-surgical and the tech will do my cast.  THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS J-Dub.  THINGS WILL TURN OUT.
  • I didn’t mean to scream but one-handed typing is for the birds.  Too hard to correct.
  • I’m gonna be so screwed if it gets cold.  Long sleeves and cast don’t mix.
  • It hurts … a lot.  Why do I pretend otherwise? Well, so the pain will magically go away.  I’m wishing myself well.  I should’ve asked for pain meds.  Instead I power through.
  • Scene from the Middle
    • Brick: you keep the job Sue.  I’ve been licking potatoes, only a matter of time before they find out and fire me.
    • Sue: why Brick? why would you do that?
    • Brick: at first it was the salt but then I convinced myself that licking the potatoes would keep our parents alive
  • Is Brick crazy?  like a fox.  LOL!  He is me! Very superstitious.  Sing it Stevie!! of course my music is in the background.  A good rant requires musical accompaniment.  ALWAYS!
  • Bright spot … walking to the library … taking gingerbread man pics. It made me happy and strangers were nice … asking me questions.  Plus the librarian let me check out a book without my card.  Why? cuz she knows me! SAPL is my Cheers!

And with that, this house is clean.  and by house, I mean my brain which feels normal again albeit temporarily.