This is really happening!!

I was supposed to post this yesterday but then fate intervened.

We’re back from a day of cavorting.  Offer accepted.  Closing the end of December.  We gone and done did it. Jumped from the high dive into a sea of debt!

More on financial advice.

Pony: blah blah blah margins.  Blah blah sub prime.  Blah unable to predict rate in the future

Me: Screw it.  My whole life I’ve been careful.  Followed the rules.  It’s time to take a chance.  The lower payment makes me feel better.

Pony: Being careful is why you CAN afford this mom.  You’ve saved your pennies long enough.  Time to use your lumpy mattress.  Get the 15 year fixed.   Enjoy it.

Me:   But what if one of us gets sick?   What if we both die?  Buying this land is a gamble.

Pony: If you both die, debt passes to us.

B: Life insurance will pay it off.

Pony:   Well in that case you really should do it! Then go about taking more risks.  Hell be reckless.

Wise: He means he loves you very much.  And he wants you to live a long healthy life!

Pony: (chuckles) or do I?

Ha! My sarcastic Twinkie.  Lol!

But instead around 11ish on 11/11/17, I took a tumble.

Is this a sign?  A sign which says Don’t buy the land.  You don’t deserve it.  See what can happen when you take a risk.

Absolutely not! I’m being ridiculous.  Life is not a zero sum game.  In true fashion, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  And comparing to real tragedy, my circumstance is a very minor inconvenience.

To my “friend” who said I’m attention seeking and probably didn’t even break my arm, I’ll send you my medical bills.  WTF.

To my true friend who said I know you’re hurting, quit pretending this is nothing, I say it’s how I deal.  Sure it’s something but it could have been worse.  And besides, laughter truly is the best medicine.