She’s Getting Cocky

Uh yea she is!

And by she, I mean me 😃

I’m using my left arm more and more. I’ve convinced myself that the cast WILL come off 12/5! Screw three more weeks. Not gonna need it.

Best concert ever was November of 2003. B and I were in Vegas Baby Vegas. MGM Grand. Aerosmith. Kid Rock stole the show though with Bawitdaba. He’s cocky too. The best part was his Motown medley. Yep, I said Motown. And Mother Trucker is one bad ass drummer. 🤘

J-Dub’s Review of You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott

Tomorrow is book club at Schaefer branch library.  Yay!  The book this month (You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott) was a repeat for me.  This time it took me more than a 24 hour period to finish though.  I re-read my original review and it still works so here you go … link to March 2017 entry

If I am anything, I am predictable.  I picked out the same line for my commonplace book.

“Isn’t it a strange day”, she said, “when you realize you have no idea what is going on in your kids head? One morning you wake up and there’s an alien in your house. They look like your kid, sound a little like them but they are not your kid. They’re something else that you don’t know. And they keep changing. They never stop changing on you.”

Unrelated but of a similar ilk.  I once had a dream that I helped Pony bury a body.  It was so realistic … upon waking, I was sickened.  Just a dream of course.  The subconscious mind is wiggy man.  Sometimes the conscious mind is too.

As always, more to come.

Like A Squirrel

… saving nuts 🥜 for winter. Do they really do that? Or it is 🐻? Gives them something to eat when they wake from hibernation. It’s true, you are reading it here first.

No it’s not! I’m just making stuff up. But I’ll google squirrels and bears later. No telling what I’ll find 🤣

Dare I take two from Express Collection?

Hells yeah! Taking two is not greedy. There are some plenty left. Just means I’m escaping into blissful nirvana.