Is it a lie if …

You forgot what happened?

Or is remembering only good stuff revisionist history?

The mind is very powerful when one stops to think about all our coping mechanisms.  Me, I just forget.  When I choose to remember, I often do so through rose colored glasses.  Despite my sarcastic nature, I really am a glass half full kinda gal.  

Today I’m on the way home having worked a 10 hour day.  Billy Bob calls me in route and says “hey can you stop at Walmart and pick up some sevin dust”.  He’s trying to get in the garden real quick and he realized there’s fire ants out there everywhere.  So despite being dog tired and knowing Wally World will be packed, I say “sure I’ll go”

I park by the garden center. Quick entrance and exit. Thank goodness no line because it’s back in the back where no one dares to go.  As I’m checking out,  I hear Andy Grammer Keep Your Head Up.  

Boom it hits me!   A vivid image of Lulu and me … I’m driving her all the way out to Concordia on Loop 1604 hellway (and no I don’t mean highway. It’s hell. Trust me) We’re sitting at a red light on Huebner and I’m bawling like a two-year-old.  And why? because Andy Grammer is singing this flipping song.   Keep Your Head Up  Damn you Andy you suave devil.  

Pony had just lost his job.  He wasn’t yet married.  I was worried about my boy.  How would he keep a roof over his head?  Would he be alone forever? Was he crying and hurting and trying not to let us know?  And his lyrics struck a chord: 

“Bills on my mindset

I can’t deny they’re getting high

Higher than my income

Income’s breadcrumbs

I’ve been trying to survive”

Who knew that in no time his buddy M would help him get a “real” job at a fine financial institution.  His career has taken off.  He’s married to the fantastic Wise.  Things are going well.  

What amazes me is that I completely forgot about his rough patch.  I only remember him as happy as he was before and as happy as he is now.  This!  This! Gives me hope for Lulu.  This too shall pass has new meaning.  And with God anything is possible.  Yep, I went there.  Let go and let God. 

As always, more to come. 

So Much For My Slight Dr Pepper Addiction and Honest Girl Scouts 

I am easily amused my friends.  

As a former Girl Scout, every year I buy cookies for the cause.  I remember pulling my little red wagon up and down Howerton, Sublet and Pool streets with my brother Jimbo Pete to protect me as I went door to door selling these delicious treats.  My goal was to sell enough to get the camp discount.  

Since I’m officially off the sauce again, I need an alternative.  Enter this year’s GS cookies campaign.  Last week I bought two boxes and donated two boxes to the troops.  I sent one of the two we kept to Lulu. Not bad, splitting a single box of Thin Mints with Big B squared.  And yes, they went straight to the freezer and were gone in two days.  

This week, the troop is back.  Parked outside the grocery store. If they sell out then the drive is over. In a panic, I’ve got to buy more before they’re all gone. I see $4 each or 5 for $20 and think, hell I’ll get 5!   Trickery, lol!   I’ve saved nothing but that’s ok because I’m 5 boxes richer and I’m jonesing. And this score, scratches the itch.  All for a good cause.  Some other little girl can go away to camp.  

The above is my first batch and round two follows:

I lost the will power battle. After  unpacking the groceries, I went back.    You see they freeze well.  And, one can never have too many Thin Mints. Or so I tell myself as I made a special trip for 5 more. 

As I giggle about $4 each or 5 for $20 or 10 for $40, I think about the honest Girl Scout.  She’d call out this trickery for what it is!   In all fairness, they didn’t advertise 5 boxes as a savings.  My mind did that.  

Check out her video here:  Honest Girl Scout.  Truth in advertising pays off!

Oh and if the cookies were not bad enough, we had already purchased mini pies.  I mean come 50 cents each, we had to get 4. 

And now, I need that intervention.  Not only for the sweets but for the picture taking and posing of cookies and pies.   I missed my calling as a food stylist ya’ll. Well that and as comedienne 😂.    I know, I know … don’t quit my day job. 

As always, more to come. 


I’m not a fan but the restaurant we just ate at had Diversity at Daytona as a Sunday spotlight.  The little girl Macy Causey that’s racing today was interviewed.  I’m speechless and not because I don’t think women should race 🏁.  She’s only 17 years old. Wow! Just 😳 

As always, more to come. 

Aloysius – Louie – My Daddy Remembering the Dash September 11, 1916 – February 25, 2007

10 Years Ago today I lost my Daddy. Not a day goes by when I do not think about him. And now, in this current time of my life, I really could use his sage advice. I keep praying, this too shall pass. I know he could make everything better. You see that was his specialty! Making us all feel loved and safe.  

 This is Us on September 15, 1984 during the father/daughter dance at my wedding.  Poor picture quality but memorywise this is one for the record books.  How Sweet It Is! Keep on Smiling 😀. 

As always, more to come.