99-Year-Old Volunteers – Still Going Strong

Inspirational. No reason I can’t also do my part.

No Facilities

Mary Guglielmo was born on May 11, 1917, in New York City. Mary Alsing was born 16 days later in Ontario, Canada. Their lives began far apart and took different paths, but decades ago they both wound up in the same place: as members of the volunteer corps at Johnson Memorial Hospital.”

That’s the opening paragraph of a story in The Hartford Courant highlighting the service of two women who have been volunteering at a rural hospital not too far from my house.

When I started looking for stories to share as part of WATWB, this one caught my attention. I know that hospital. I drive by it often. I’ve been to the Emergency Room of this hospital several times. If you read the story, you will read about how important the hospital’s volunteers are to its continuing operations.

Volunteering sounds vague. It’s hard to understand and it’s…

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