Kicking & Screaming 

And this one is not the Will Ferrell soccer movie.   This show is America’s reality TV at its finest.  Survivalists are paired with divas and they’re competing to win 500k.  The poor man’s Survivor with a twist.  So far I recommend as laugh out loud/snort funny.  

Maxwell: “Elaine, Elaine that is not proper food etiquette!” 

As Elaine hurls her body across a table, hands tied behind her back while grabbing BBQ sausage and chicken with her mouth.  Whoever got 10 lbs of food passed through the netting first won.  Elaine’s team rocked it and got 2nd place.  Last place faces off against the team voted to participate in the elimination contest. 

Hilarious! Don’t think so? Well I guess you had to be there.  Even B is laughing.  

As always, more to come. 

Master Chef Jr.

❤ these kids.   I really ❤ them.  I’m amazed at all the talent in the kitchen.  Adorable too.  Jasmine’s oysters – yummy.  Syd got the gross giblets and turned them into BBQ. Rooting for Gonzalo.  He shared his flour.  They’re competing but they still help each other too.  ❤️ and why am I 😢.  They’re family forever!  That’s why!

As always, more to come.