I Told You So

Well, no Spectrum for us 😦  Sucks but they’d have to run the line 600 feet from the tap … a tap that was never maintained and won’t work well anyway due to advances in technology. The nice technician didn’t have the heart to call it.  He said they are putting our request on hold until a neighborhood evaluation could be completed.  He couldn’t really tell me what that meant.  I guess we hold out for Google Fiber … whenever that is as the headline of 1/12/17 reads San Antonio pumps the brakes on Google Fiber.  Too bad I am not more tech savvy.  I’d love to understand all my options.

As always, more to come.

Our Day At The McNay

I feel like that woman in the grass.  Doh! One of those days folks.

Peaceful and serene.

The nice docent explained the stripes to us.  Supposedly every song note has a color and this picture displays the color of love.



Last year, we spent the day at MoMA.  This year the McNay.  Nice surprise to see the exhibit honoring Broadway.  There is more but DSL sucks today.  I surrender.

As always, more to come.

🎶 For March 17, 2017 🎶

I went back to 70s on 7 today and this gem came on.

Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing By Stevie Wonder

XM gives all the details. I knew artist, title and release date yet in the back of my mind the song sparked another memory; one from a movie.  But what movie?   Trying to remember while driving was going to drive me crazy.  I almost pulled over to google it. Then bam 💥.  I remember… Silver Linings Playbook.

I loved that movie.  Very relatable.   I will be Pat one day.  Yep, I’ll flip my lid.  I’ll go jogging around the neighborhood wearing a garbage bag.  I’m not sure when my big breakdown will come.  But on days like today, the big reveal somehow feels imminent.

All I know is … nothing.  I know nothing.  I’m searching for answers when there are none.  I’ve got to learn to be comfortable with not knowing.  Sometimes things just are what they are without rhyme or reason.  Hard to take for an uber controller like me. Ohm.  Ohm.   Ohm.   Searching for my inner zen.

As always, more to come.